Know Your Birding Friend!

I have always loved the outdoors since my childhood, but birding has presented me with the incentive to explore the different parts of world. Since I have begun birding, I have traveled to habitats sacrificing many of my good time. Learning how to watch birds has flipped an irreversible switch in my mind, turning every moment outside into an opportunity to see or hear new things. Today, even when doing something as simple as sleeping, I passively pay attention to who is around. There is no single day, I spent without birding. Birding has brought me happiness beyond just watching birds. It has allowed me to find other outlets for my passions (Photography or travel). Letting birds into my life has given me an incredible sense of purpose and belonging, and I can only hope that it will do the same in yours. Cheers to your next (or first) birding adventure. I will soon travel to explore Bird-of-Paradise. It is my wish to see at least 30% of world birds. Finger cross for that.

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