by Punam Rai, Dragon Birding Amegos, Samtse

I was born in one of the rural villages in Samtse, but not very poor in terms of the richness of biodiversity. My house is located very close to the lush green forest and a silvery river. I have so many beautiful memories of nature that offered me a lot when I was young. I have seen many birds and animals and would listen to their beautiful chirps and songs, I was not very confident with the names of birds at that time but still, I was so much in love and to stay very close to nature.

I didn’t know much about birding and birdwatching until I meet Mr. Jigme Jamtsho not very long ago, he introduced me to the beautiful world of birds and also to other members especially the birders of Samtse, since then I started birdwatching seriously and now this became my new hobby. I want to explore more into this colorful world of birds.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr. Jigme Jamtsho for introducing me to this beautiful world of birds and also would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude and thank all the members of Dragon Birding Amigos, Samtse, and the members of Bhutan Birdlife Society for inspiring me and guiding me.

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