Kinley Wangmo

Bhutan is a country with extremely rich biodiversity, and it is almost impossible for anyone to just ignore the beauty of it. On that note, I have always been in love with nature and everything about it made me appreciate it even more as I gradually learnt about it. My journey as a bird watcher began when I got a wonderful opportunity being trained as nature guide at Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and environment, in Bumthang for two months. I am, and will forever be grateful to UWICER for giving me such an amazing experience. Within that two months, I learned so many things about the flora and fauna of Bhutan and most importantly it inspired me to learn more about the birds of Bhutan. My interest in birds grew, and soon enough bird watching became one of my favorite hobby. Birds astound observers with their intricate form, color, and behavior. There are numerous advantages to birdwatching. To begin with, you can do it anywhere! Birdwatching unlike some activities that require you to be in a specific location or own specific equipment, may be done at any time and in any location. You’ll never know what you’ll see next. When I go birding, I learn not just about the birds themselves, but also about the habitat in which they exist. I learn about their prey and the predators who hunt on them. I learn about trees, bushes, grasses, and the whole landscape. Birdwatching takes you outside and allows you to appreciate the natural world around you. When you go birdwatching, you can view everything including birds to animals to flowers to sunsets. Also when you’re birdwatching, it’s easy to feel accomplished. It’s always nice to feel that feeling of achievement, whether it’s seeing a new species you’ve never seen before, or seeing your 100th bird of the day! There are so many things I could list here, birdwatching is such great activity and once you start you will fall in love and never stop. Birds are so varied in their forms and habits that those who happen to watch them do things are never bored. The more time you spend watching birds, the more details you see.

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