Jigme Choki

The term birding was not exactly the word to interest me fully to take part in the program organized by YAN Bhutan and Bhutan Birdlife Society, but I took part in this program because I felt that it was very much related to the course I’m pursuing. As I attended the program, the faculties in that program were really persuasive to provoke the interest of birding in me, with the features, lifestyles, habitats, and unique stuffs I really didn’t know about birds. Birding is all about giving your concentration and interest to the birds that are not just found in unique places but right from the point you hear their sounds or see it in common places. Birding is not about taking professional photographs of birds, it’s just about careful observations and taking interest in getting to know them. Not just this, a group of people who attended the program, who were actually differently abled, they could recognize different birds through sounds, isn’t it inspiring?! This realizations have given me huge interest into birding, and I am happy to be able to continue this spirit with much interest and I really look forward to knowing as many species of birds as I can!

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