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Citizen Science in the Classroom (Drugyel HSS)

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The birding management from Bhutan Birdlife Society visited Drugyel Central School, Paro today. Although, a very small Community Based Organisation, the Birdlife Society has the bigger dreams of leading and making young minds into the future citizen science initiative. The small and very informal session was graced by the Principal, 3 teacher coordinators, and some 20 amateur birder students.

Drugyel Higher Secondary School

The program started with the introduction to Bhutan Birding, the History of Birding, the importance of geography in Birding, and also the importance of being a citizen science in contributing to the data repository of birds of Bhutan. The second session mostly covered Birding ethics, the uses of birding equipment, the importance of maintaining a journal, and others.

The management of Bhutan Birdlife Society would like to thank Thinley Wangchuk for donating the book “BIRDS and BUTTERFLIES of BHUTAN”, authored by himself with Tshultrim. We would like to further extend our gratitude to Mr. Karma Tshering (Principal), for motivating the young minds into such beautiful birding activities and supporting this program. Nonetheless, we thank Chophel Rinzin sir and Rinchen Khandu sir for initiating and making this successful event

“??? ??????? ??????? ?? ??? ?????????: ???????” On Saturday, 4 bird club coordinators, 11 birders from Bhutan Birdlife Society, and 21 students from Drugyel Central School went on a field trip to Chelela as part of the citizen science in the classroom: Birding initiative. This project is the first of its kind for the Society in implementing, piloting and grooming young minds into bird conservation and its ecology. “If this pilot project gets successful, then we also would like to apply for other schools too. Our prime mission is to make every student a Birder, a very knowledgeable Birder.” Says one of the team members from Birdlife Society management.

???? ??????? Everyone gathered at the school bus parking at 4 am, after the headcount than the distribution of notebooks and pencils. We could start our journey from the school parking at 4:30 am. It was overcast as we reached Chelela pass, a bit of rain made us take a short break though tea and snacks were served as well we offered sang to impress the diety to favor us with a sunny day. Formed a circle for the introduction part then divided into 5 groups and started birding.

The first sighting was the Himalayan Monal at 6:58 ?a.m then by other skulking birds. After 2 hours of birding and walking, we reached at the breakfast point. Also, there we sighted the family of Grosbeaks. We had a ice break (Cham Chama Cham) changed to pelden drukpa pelden drukpa gyalooo. After breakfast, we drove further down and encountered the Rufous-bellied woodpecker and Darjeeling Woodpecker on the same tree with Ashy Drongo on flight. We also came across with few sunbirds and others.

The lunch, we could enjoy with Ibisbils and wagtails by the riverside made something very special as the chicken curry was also on the top list amongst other dishes. The Natural gallery at the National Museum was another amazing spot where we enjoyed touring history.

lastly, I on behalf of Bhutan Birdlife Society would like to thank the School management for approval and managing the transportation, Karma Tshering sir (PRL) for supporting this program, and also Chophel sir, lop Yeshey, lop Sonam Tshering, and Namgay sir (VP) for your kind and being with us and showing your interest in grooming the young conservationist for future Bhutan. We further extend our gratitude to Kelzang Dorji, Subash Rai, Purna Bdr. Rai, Nono Om, Sonam Dawa, Mani Wangdi, and Pema Choida for your great contribution. And to the team for leading ahead.

Of the two High Schools in Bhutan, the Bhutan Birdlife Society is focusing on the Capacity building of the students through Citizen science in the classroom program. The concept, Citizen science in the classroom is the idea borrowed from the west and implemented as a pilot project in two high schools in Bhutan. Society will not just focus on birdwatching but also on other activities related to the environment and its ecological studies. The management would like to thank the Principals, 10 coordinators, 5 field experts representing Bhutan Birdlife Society, and 65 Citizen scientists in this program.

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