An Evening for a Bird -a 3rd webinar series

An interesting talk on Pallas’s Fish Eagle!

Our 3rd speaker, Lagay Tshering, talked about the Pallas’s Fish Eagle in Kuri Chu, Monger, last Wednesday. Lagay is an avid bird watcher and has been birding for the past several years now. He is pursuing his BSc at CNR. After his talk, he sought suggestions for birdlife related research topic for his thesis. Interesting? You can share your suggestions to him through Bhutan Birdlife Society.  Some interesting questions from the Q&A session were: Why should endangered species protected more over the least concern birds? Is hydropower good for Pallas’s Fish Eagle? What is the local name for the bird? And more.

We wish Lagay all the best and hope that passionate Rangers like him will continue to inspire many birders.

We would like to thank our 40 plus online viewers and Pema Deki (BSC graduate from Sherubtse College) for her excellent facilitation.  Indeed, it was An Evening for a Bird!

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