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Pema Lhaden


I was born in a quiet rural village, but it is not really quiet village in some sense. We get to listen to mellifluous songs of various birds throughout the year. The lush virgin forests have been a haven for many birds and they have etched beautiful memories since my childhood days. I have always been fascinated by birds, by their colourful plumes and unique songs. But back then I didn’t know that bird-watching is actually an art, but nonetheless I have always loved the birds. Now that I am aware of birding as not only a hobby but also a profession, I am so eager to explore more into the colourful journey of bird watching. I can now, whenever time permits, immerse into this new passion of mine. And luckily, I have a sister who shares this passion. It will blend beautifully with my other two passions of my love for natural environs and photography. It will also be an opportunity to develop patience and peace of mind waiting for birds. As birding is first becoming a popular hobby and with increasing number of foreigners having come to Bhutan in the recent past for birding, I am excited that when things return to normalcy, I can even upgrade my passion and become a professional birding guide. To start with I will read and watch about birds on the internet so that I can be more familiar as I watch them through the lenses.Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Sonam Tashi and Mr. Sonam Dorji for introducing the beautiful world of birding to me.

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